About Our Hunts

...Our camps consist of wall tents and travel trailers.  All tents are waterproof and are heated with wood stoves or propane heaters.  We try to make all of our camps as comfortable as possible.  We can also arrange for you to stay at a hotel during your hunt.  This creates an additional fee to the hunter.

I can’t say enough about being in good physical condition for the hunts I offer.  We do a lot of walking and most of the elevation is from 4,000 to 9,000 feet.  Being in good physical condition and able to walk to and from our hunting areas will increase you odds of harvesting a trophy animal.  This will also help your hunting experience run smoothly.

We use 4-wheel drive trucks and ATV’s to access the necessary roads that lead to our hunting areas.

I offer both 5 and 7-day fully guided hunts as well a customized hunt to suit your personal needs and costs.

All of our hunting expeditions are conducted in Region 3 of southeastern Nevada.  I guide for Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Desert Bighorn Sheep, and Turkey.  We also have a predator hunt available.

All the hunts in Nevada are on a draw basis.  The applications for non-resident guided buck hunt are available in the middle of February with the general draw for all big-game hunts taking place in March.  There are also some landowner tags available.

If you have any questions about my hunts please call, write, or email.  I will be happy to talk to you in depth about what we do here in the state of Nevada.

Hunting references are available upon request.

Want some proof? Check out the Trophy Room.

Contact Phil today and find out where he can lead you.

P.O. Box 603, Pioche, NV - (775) 962 - 5859 - [email protected]